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Last Updated 10 February 2013, 15:11 IST

It was unalloyed joy at ‘Aero India 2013’ after the event was thrown open to the public on the weekend. With a sea of people descending on the venue from different parts of the City, it was time for the common man to marvel at the technological strides made by the metal birds.

Men and women with tiny tots braved the heat and flocked to the venue. While those who were lucky to get the tickets got in, those who could not had no regrets as they soaked in the fun outside. People gathered on Bellary Road and came as early as seven in the morning to have the best view. They came with bags, food, umbrellas and settled on the street. Some found their place in dilapidated and deserted buildings and some on treetops. And then there were young boys who climbed and balanced themselves on the hoardings.

Clearly, there was more excitement on the roads with people hooting, screaming, waving and even whistling every time an aircraft flew past. The maximum hoots and cheering went to ‘Russian Knights’, when they spewed fireballs in the sky before they split for the sky formation. Metrolife caught up with people on the road, who said they had the best view.

Manjunath, a businessman, who came along with his wife Manjula and daughter Trupthi, confesses that the view from the road around the air base was the best.
 “Last time, I paid Rs 2,000 and went inside but couldn’t see a thing. So, this time, we caught the best place out in the open,” says Manjunath.

Vasu and his wife Rohini completed their chores well in advance to catch a glimpse of the aero show from the best point on the street.

“My children were keen to watch the show. We couldn’t get tickets but we have no
regrets, for this is the best place. My children are enjoying themselves and that’s good enough for me,” says Vasu.

Neeraj, a businessman, who is also an amateur photographer, was so engrossed in taking pictures that he didn’t want to miss a single moment.

His wife Anju says, “We live around the corner. We bought tickets last time but couldn’t see and enjoy as much as we are now. The performance by the ‘Russian Knights’ and Sarang was truly breathtaking. We would have missed a lot if we hadn’t come today.” 

What was also evident along the Bellary Road was the traffic violation happening right before the ‘No Parking’ signboard. There were a handful of traffic police men redirecting traffic and just as many men in khaki trying to make sure that nothing untoward happened. B Gurubasavaradhya, head constable, Rajajinagar police station limits says, “It is impossible to check every single person. We can only try and make sure that law and order is maintained,” he sums up.

(Published 10 February 2013, 15:11 IST)

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