The law of Destiny and Karma

Our lives are based on two important words - Destiny and Karma. Let’s understand what exactly these two terms signify. In simple words ‘destiny’ is the outcome of our own thoughts and actions or as per common proverb, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

Karma simply means to perform actions, but it is the motive or intent of the actions that determines one’s destiny. Therefore, each human being, and not the Almighty is the architect of his or her own future. Destiny functions on the spiritual law of action that is subtle and cannot be influenced or manipulated by humankind.

A majority of humanity believes in this spiritual law in one form or other, irrespective of religious following or inclination. Many of us have been taught that when we make mistakes by performing actions outside the moral code of ethics, we can simply ask forgiveness from God, which would surely be granted.

Therefore, we continue committing same mistakes again and again, which has brought us into a helpless stage, as we knowingly commit immoral actions, fully cognisant of the conse­quences.

In spite of knowing the fact that the actions we are committing are grossly immoral, we don’t have the moral strength to stop these. This is because our intellects have become amoral; our power to reason has got exhausted and our conscience has gone into hibernation. We live in the hope that either the Almighty is not looking at us or that we will be granted forgiveness for all our sins.

However, this is not how the eternal spiritual laws operate, because the universal law of Karma is the arm of the spiritual judiciary that dis­penses divine justice.
Hence, under spiritual law, “justice is never denied or delayed.”

So, one must always remember that, past is history, future is a mystery; But, the present is an enormous legacy and a rewarding gift for us to reshape our destiny.

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