Colour of growth & renewal

Colour of growth & renewal


Colour of growth & renewal

Keeping up with the Joneses — this desire transcends to all aspects of your life including your decor.  Alas! You are a ‘pastel’ person and emerald green has been named ‘colour of the year’.

It is not easy to give up your comfort zone and adapt to a bright colour. Emerald green is being touted as a colour of growth, renewal, healing, unity and regeneration.  Greens have been strong for some time now because of their association with the ‘green movement and nature.’

The question, therefore is, “can you decorate with emerald green without being overwhelmed by it?” New York designer Elaine Griffith thinks you can, as long as you are careful.

Colour consultants the world over state that emerald green’s boldness suggests that it should be used only as an accent.

Emerald green is a polarising colour like, say, purple. One has a love-hate relationship with it. If you really hate it stop reading right now. But if you love it or are willing to experiment read on. Remember though that if you use a colour in your decor only because it is “in”, you could get tired of it very fast.

Let’s not even pretend that a colour like emerald green is anything but flat out dramatic.
This means that while it is acceptable in small doses, such as accessories, painting a wall this colour will be a bit too jarring.

If indeed you are in love with the colour and bold enough to consider it for paint, use it in tiny spaces such as foyers, bathrooms, and maybe even dining rooms.

Don’t consider it for areas where you linger as you will soon be overwhelmed.

Accessories you may consider are bedding sets, emerald wine glasses or stylish lamps. Other accessories are those made of Malachite.

Malachite is emerald at its best so take your inspiration from there. Malachite boxes on side tables are one example of introducing emerald green subtly.

One designer faux pas is upholstering a long-term piece like a sofa in emerald green. What looks so “modern” will cease to thrill you after a few months.

A colour, no matter how bright, if used judiciously can make your decor complete and you can live in your pastel based home while keeping up with the Jones’ by merely adding a few touches of this year’s colour here and there. It may not be easy being green but the effort is well worthwhile.

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