Ready-to-wear sarees now

Ready-to-wear sarees now


With the International Woman’s Day due tomorrow, it’s the appropriate time to talk about fashion and style related to women and also give new ideas to the ‘women of substance’ about how they can add that spark to their wardrobe.

For working women, there are limited options when it comes to formal, office wear. But if you are the type who loves to wear a saree to work but give it a pass because you lack the time to drape it quickly - here is a quick fix solution.

Now you get sarees with a zipper on the side. Not just that, now you can drape sarees over jeans, sport corporate sarees with jackets and add fusion to the already confused ensemble.

One option can be a crepe ensemble, with a zari border and ready pallu. This ensemble combines western elements with the Indian power dress with stitched pleats and a zip, making it a ready-to-wear saree.

Sanya Dhir, brand directorof KBSH, said, “It’s a woman’s world after all and we can do what we want with our look! These sarees are for the new age women with power. Nowadays women have less time as they are working and also running homes. So, these sarees will give them a new look while keeping the traditional saree intact.”
Another unique concept that adds to the six yards of Indian classic wear is a grey striped shirt with a black on black striped tuxedo, black waistcoat and narrow black tie with a saree for a frontal view and pants on the back! Get talking business as the ensemble incorporates a pocket on the front left side; and a concealed zipper for a sharp look. The goes across the jacket front to make a strong statement in Indo-western fusion.

“These out-of-the-box designs are for those new age Indian women who can command and dictate. Saree is one attire that covers the whole body and yet accentuates the correct parts of the body. We always think that sarees are worn only during festivals or occasions but these sarees will give more options. So, this trend will pick up in the future for sure as time is a casualty,” adds Sanya.

A closed jacket on top and a flowing saree below will let you take the office by storm, but in a disciplined manner. A closed, pullover jacket can also add that oophm factor to the saree.

So, get out of the conventional saree and go for these ones to make a style statement in your office!