Go berserk with braids and beads

Go berserk with braids and beads


Go berserk with braids and beads

If you are looking for a hairdo that doesn’t require chopping it off, braids and beads might be your answer, writes Srividya Suri.

People love to change their ‘usual look’ and replace it with a new one. Changing one’s hairstyle and colouring your tresses, is the easiest way to approach the new you. But why not try something different and interesting?

Have you noticed very attractive knotted threads and beads on people’s hair? Hair braids and beads no longer belong to only Goa and Gokarna; they are in fashion and everywhere in our city! Interestingly, braids and beads are now fashionable not only gor girls, but for guys as well, because they add a zing to the punk style, completing the unique look.

College girls and guys have taken to this new trend of getting their hair braided with multi-coloured woollen threads or even adding some beads to it.

Many students want to do something with their hair that doesn’t have to involve cutting it. Earlier, streaks were the answer to this need. Now, though streaks seem boring, and braids and beads are doing the trick. Hair braiding is an old tradition that belongs to Africa and was a very common sight in summer.

Now, braiding your hair with threads and beads are totally hep! These braids come in different styles like circular braids, plaited braids, and beaded braids. You can even buy customized ones. As far as Bangalore is concerned, Brigade Road and Commercial Street have some street stylists doing the job for you. There are also some young women in the city who have taken to this as a hobby and earn some pocket money from it.

While professional stylists, with their expert hands, can give you an excellent hairdo with braids and beads, you could also try simple ones yourself. There are some videos on YouTube which might help you braid your own hair. Get some woollen thread from a nearby shop and try it yourself. Ask a friend, colleague, or family person to help you out initially. With some practise, you will surely get the hang of it; it’s just threads and beads.

- If you want a funky look, use bright coloured threads and beads; infact, just overdo them, if you’re super-bold.
-  You can even get a punk style by using neon colours here and there; just make sure you have a punk-like haircut too.
-  Believe it or not, threads and beads can even give you a dainty look; the trick here is to get a highly feminine hairdo and sparingly use cream or white coloured threads and beads.

Don’t worry that they might spoil the texture of your hair or that they might be hard to remove. No, they are completely safe and quite easy to remove. After all, they’re just threads and beads that help you get a new look. So, if you are up for some experiment, go get your hair braided and beaded, and flaunt it in style!