Spirited woman

Spirited woman

Positive Change

Spirited woman

After the success of Edhegaarike, director Suman Kittur has been busy. She is not only in the process of finalising various scripts and matching budgets for the same but she’s been doing a lot of travelling as well — especially to schools and colleges across the state, including government-run ones.

Suman says that she has always wanted to reach out to young people, especially girls, to talk to them about their various rights and highlight the importance of education. 

“I’ve been travelling around in Bangalore and Mysore just talking to students. This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and now — before plunging into full-time cinema once more — I thought I should take a break and do this. I may eventually make a film on students,” Suman tells Metrolife. 

Suman has spent a large part of her life in rural areas and understands the plight of the women there. “A lot of women have come up the hard way and I think every woman must have the courage and guts to ascertain their rights. One thing I find is that a lot of women don’t have the spirit of questioning. And I’ve made a beginning in terms of changing that mindset,” she adds.  

In addition to sharing her own experiences with the students, Suman never forgets to highlight the importance of education when she’s with them. “I always wonder why 15-year-old girls, living in villages, don’t protest against being married off early and assert that they would rather go study than get married at such a young age. Girls are still quiet about a lot of things that they don’t like,” she notes. 

And Suman’s efforts to enlighten young people won’t go wasted — the director intends to knit together her experiences and turn it into a film someday.