Campaign to save Kengeri Lake

Campaign to save Kengeri Lake

Campaign to save Kengeri Lake

Students from colleges near Kengeri and activists from Revolutionising India through Social Empowerment (RISE), a not-for-profit social organisation, launched the ‘Save Kengeri Lake’ campaign on Saturday.

The campaign aims to not only rejuvenate the lake — which is on the verge of extinction — but also create awareness among the public about the importance of keeping the lake intact. As part of their campaign, the activists formed a human chain and engaged citizens. They also spoke to traders in the vicinity about ways to protect the lake.

“Part of the problem is that several shop vendors and BMTC drivers in the area have started using it as a public urinal and as a dumping yard,” explained Naga Sravan Kilaru, President of RISE.

“So far, our efforts have been to ask them not to pollute it, inform them on why they should protect the lake, and ask for their help in restoring it.”

Activists had filed a Right to Information query on February 25 and on March 15, this year, to find out which government authority has been maintaining the Lake.
“We are still waiting for a reply,” said activist Shreyas Katta. He said there was ambguity over authority which maintains the Lake.

The 25-acre lake was developed by the State Forest department in 1995 at an estimated cost of Rs 95 lakh. Less than two decades later, it is in a deplorable condition and has been choked with weeds, garbage and water hyacinth.

Students and RISE members are planning to enlist the services of lake activists, members of residents’ welfare associations in surrounding localities and BBMP authorities to revive the lake in the coming days.