Beating the heat in style

Beating the heat in style

Summer Fashion

Beating the heat in style

The temperature is rising and Bangaloreans are attiring themselves to face the heat. Many are pulling out light cotton and linen garments from their closets. The predominant trend this year is bright colours — people are experimenting with bold shades and matching contrasting hues to make a style statement.

Chandana, a student from JSS Academy of Technical Education, asserts that wearing cotton clothes is the best way to keep cool this summer. “Many brands have launched new cotton collections for the summer.

Bright cotton kurtas and skirts are in this season. In fact, I can see many traditional cotton skirts in the market — they are comfortable as well as light. It is better to wear skirts in the summer; they are trendy and better than jeans,” she says. Many people also carry umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun and these are given a trendy twist as well, with polka dots, frills and bright patterns. Some people even like to match their umbrellas with their outfits.

Lokesh, a designer, agrees that bright colours are in fashion this season. However, he feels that paler shades work as well. “People can be seen wearing bright green pants and shirts. At the same time, wearing soft pastel shades is both comfortable and perfect for the season. I am not too fond of bright colours so I would advise people to go for pale shades — a pair of white trousers teamed with a light-coloured shirt would look
really good,” he suggests.

Ankle-length linen pants of all colours are also very popular and have flooded the
market. Anu, who has a shop in the Tibetan Plaza off Brigade Road, says that many youngsters pick these pants up as they are pretty trendy. “Linen is apt for the summer and hence, these ankle-length pants are very popular among the youngsters. They are available in attractive shades and can be teamed up with cotton T-shirts as well as formal shirts. The fabric is light and good for the summer,” she adds. 

Men also have a lot of options this season, in terms of fabrics, cuts and colours. Suchith, a professional, says that cotton pants and collared T-shirts are now available in
almost every store and look trendy.

“Linen and cotton pants are extremely comfortable in the summer. They are light,
comfortable and can be worn on any occasion.

Chinese-collared mid-length kurtas, stocked by some of the traditional brands, also look very smart if they are teamed with the right kind of trousers,” he notes.