Today's Letters

Today's Letters

Put the soul back into Kashmir



We have lost 20 precious years with turmoil in Kashmir  as aptly put by Mr Kuldip Nayar (DH  Oct 23)There is hope to regain the lost paradise if we take the following action.


i)  The political parties should stop political rivalry in the valley and think of national interest rather than their narrow political gains.

ii) The intelligence agencies should work for the country, instead of the party in power.

iii) Security forces should be on alert 24x7 and never fail to respect and honour the Kashimiris.

iv) Developmental  work should be devoid of  corruption.

v) Omar Abdulla should be given a free hand to manage the affairs of the state.

If these five steps are followed, the Kashmir's soul can be regained soon.






Congress scrapes through


Except in Arunachal Pradesh where there is no opposition worth its name, the Congress only managed to scrape through in other two states.


In Maharashtra 10 years of Congress misrule resulted in suicides by thousands of farmers, terrorism and lack of development. The ex-CM of Maharashtra for the most of the period of 10 years, could not recall any major achievement, except waiver of loans to farmers as achievement. This  too had been granted by the Central Government.

BJP cannot blame Raj Thackeray’s MNS or EVMs for its loss as they lacked leadership in Maharashtra after Pramod Mahajan’s death. The national BJP leadership could not make any impression on Maharashtra voters. BJP failed to take advantage of the anti incumbency wave against Congress – NCP and its misrule. The party

has also failed to have a useful alliance with INLD at Harayana which would have seen Congress’s  exit. BJP has clearly misread the mood of the voters in Maharashtra and Haryana and they have not learnt any lessons from their loss at Lok Sabha elections.



K R Anandagopalan

Bangalore 560 024.


A fabricated assumption


This refers to the report "No Love Jihad in Kerala" published in DH(23/10/09)

The so called 'Love Jihad' is not more than a fabricated assumption. There is no space for compulsive or deceitful religious conversion in Islam. It is foolishness to think a crime like converting young women from other religions to Islam after professing love to them is Jihad. The more shocking thing is a part of both print and electronic media has been came up with some self made stories on the issue without any solid proofs.


Irshad Ahmed