When each experience counts...

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When each experience  counts...

Now that exams are over, many students, instead of chilling out, are busy taking up internships and part-time jobs. These opportunities help in keeping them busy through their holidays and gives them the required experience in the professional world. There are also colleges and universities that make it mandatory for students to apply for internship.

Part-time jobs, on the other hand, not only help a student earn some pocket money, but also add value to his or her resume. Students tell Metrolife that internships and part-time jobs can be fun and great confidence-builders.

Mariam, a law student, points out that internships widen one’s knowledge, caters to one’s interest and are a great way to put one’s idle time to constructive use. “In today’s age, exposure is an essential element. Summer jobs and internships make us aware of what we want to do in the future and give us the confidence to look forward to our dream job,” she adds.

Internships also provide students practical and hands-on experience on how to handle various situations one may face on the job.

Sanchana, an English Honours student, says that students should pursue internships or part-time jobs that are relevant to their future plans.

“Internships and part-time jobs are very important for a student as they provide valuable experience and reflect well on the resume. But it’s also important for the job to be relevant to what one is pursuing. The experience that you gain early in life will definitely help you in getting a job.” Professionals believe it is important for everyone to take up internships and part-time jobs. Sandesh, a social media marketing and content developer, says, “It is a very good move for companies to hire students or interns. There is nothing better than a hands-on training approach that will give students a well-rounded education and the culture associated with a workplace. I think colleges and courses should ensure that all students get this level of exposure. Companies also benefit from this cause as they get to see potential employees. It’s a win-win situation for both.”

Sachin Rai, a company analyst, agrees that internships help students understand the importance of experience. “Although the work done during their internship may not be great, it should be meaningful and help the student understand the job. It is good practice as it will help them familiarise themselves with the corporate world and how to deal with people,” he sums up.

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