Power of miracles

There are times in a person’s life when nothing seems to be going right. Yet, one should discern that even in the bleakest of scenarios, God is working and the thing is not to give up but to gird up one’s loins as God never wants to give people burdens or intransigencies which they can not face single handedly.

Also, even in situations which seem bleak, hopeless and intransigent, there is a scope for a miracle. A miracle can happen when one opens one’s spiritual eyes to believe with faith, trust and hope.

The following story shows that God is not blind. There was a young mother, Karan, who along with her husband, had a 3-year-old son, Michael. Soon, another baby was on the way. However, it was a difficult delivery, and the baby girl was born prematurely, with several of her vital organs underdeveloped. The gynaecologist broke the news to Karan and her husband that their baby girl did not have long to live. The distraught family now discerned that instead of planning for a jubilant home-coming, they would now have to plan for a funeral.

The whole sordid episode had a profound and morose effect on Michael. He took it extremely badly. Even before his sister was born, Michael used to sing to his expecting mother, as if his sister in Karan’s stomach could hear what he was singing. So, when the baby was born and her debilitating condition became known, Michael was all the more anxious to ease her condition and possibly hope for a miracle by singing to her.

Children are not allowed in the Intensive Care Unit, but Karan was adamant that Michael be allowed inside much to the ire of the head nurse. As the tender Michael witnessed his beautiful little sister struggling to breathe at the incubator, he sang with all the sincerity and earnestness he could muster, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when my skies are grey…..” The baby girl seemed to respond as her pulse rate began to calm down and become steady. Michael was egged on by Karan who whispered with tears streaming down her face, “Michael, keep on singing….” The young innocent boy whose love was pure and unconditional sang on, “You never know, dear, how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away.”

Michael’s baby sister began to relax miraculously and she healed of her organs almost total failure. The next day, the little baby girl was well enough to go home. The gynaecologists were baffled at this phenomenon. They thought that medically it was not possible for this baby to survive. However, they were dealing with a very beautiful, close-knit, God fearing family who believed in the power of prayers, hope and yes, miracles. Indeed, when one is down and out and one’s skies appear dull and grey, one should think of this story and discern that even in the bleakest of scenarios, God is there, ever ready to help and create the most wonderful, splendid and mirage-like miracle.

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