Dancing the night away

Dancing the night away

Ukranian beats

Dancing the night away

The ‘Neon Sensation/Glow Party’ with an exclusive set by DJ Omnia recently took place at Chancery Pavilion. The opening sets were by ‘Answer’ (Arjun Nair and Stallion), DJ Inferno and others.

The partying crowd of the City — from school kids and college students to young professionals — was seen having a great time by the pool side.

One of the most exciting and fast-rising names to emerge from the progressive and trance scene, the young Ukrainian DJ played a special set that he had made for his India trip.
His nature of experimenting with music production and trance, in particular, was more than visible to the crowd, who moved to each of his numbers.

Some made use of the pool while others were content just dancing around his consol. But one thing was certain — for most people in the crowd, it was hard to stand still.

“I can’t stop thanking Omnia for the amazing show he put up at Chancery. It was a crazy party and I loved it! The music was absolutely awesome and I just couldn’t stop dancing,” says Rahul Kale, who attended the party.

Praveen Jain, also a party goer, shared that it was the most fun he had with his friends in the longest time.

 “It was just the right kind of music to chill and unwind to and the pool added to the experience. It was an insane night!” he says.

 After the show, DJ Omnia said that while he loved the people, the venue and the vibe, he wished that the City’s deadline would extend beyond 11.30 pm so that he could have played his intended three-hour set in its entirety.