People's Problems

People's Problems

Palike ignoring HC order

It is unfortunate that the BBMP has cancelled the khathas of site owners at Remco BHEL Housing Layout at Pattanagere, RR Nagar, Bangalore.

But even though the High Court has struck down the order passed by the BBMP and restored the Khathas, the BBMP is refusing to collect property tax, approve building plans and issue Khatha extracts.

Authorities claim that there is a case and that there are no orders from the head office . But when the dispute has been cleared by the High court, and there is no court order against site owners in connection with tax collection, plan sanctioning and the issuance of khatha extracts, why is the Palike creating its own laws and harassing site owners?
At the same time, fresh khathas are being issued and tax is being collected by the BBMP from certain people.  If there is a case, is the law not applicable to them?
I request the concerned authorities to look into this problem and solve it as soon as possible.

Suryanarayana Murthy,
Remco BHEL Housing Layout, Pattanagere, RR Nagar

Traffic congestion in residential area

The previous government allowed setting up of BMTC traffic and transit management centre on the every busy KH Road (Double Road). This project was taken up under JnNURM. Both BMTC and KSRTC operate their entire fleet from this centre. All these buses apart from those of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and private operators use the roads in the residential neighbourhood of Wilson Garden. Residents suffer both air and noise pollution.  There are no straight roads in Wilson Garden and all the buses cause traffic jams in every cross - from 3rd Cross up to 12th Cross - from morning till midnight, with full-blaring honking. The residents have been paying the price for the apathy of BMTC and traffic police, for the last five years. Nobody knows what the RTO or the pollution control board is doing to set this straight.

Several mails have been sent to all the authorities concerned over the last five years to set the mess in order. A fact-finding team can be sent to Wilson Garden to assess the situation. At least the new government should solve the issue.

G Raghu

Build skywalk near Dairy Circle

The Dairy Circle intersection near Christ College is one of the busiest and most accident-prone zone in the City.  A large number of commuters and two/four wheelers pass through this intersection everyday. Added to this,  there are four colleges, prominent temples like Anjaneya-Muneeshwara and IT companies on this  road. 

We, the regular road users, ask the BDA/BBMP to provide a skywalk near Christ College in order improve the situation, prevent commuters from struck down by speedign vehicles, reduce accidents and smoothen the flow of traffic along this stretch.

We request the MLA of the Constituency to take up this project with the concerned authorities on a priority basis.

Adarsh, Chikka Audugodi

Construction debris on road

Hectic construction activity is going on at the 8th Cross, AECS Layout ‘A’Block, Chinnapanahalli. Construction debris dumped on the road side have been affecting roadusers. Besides, a broken sewage line has been flooding the road. The authorities should intiate immediate action.

Concerned citizens,
AECS Layout, Chinnapanahalli

Delay in getting voter ID card

From 2007, I have been trying to get a voter id card for my daughter-in-law but to date, have not succeeded in getting one.

Each time, there is some mistake or the other and I have been asked to reapply I do not know how the mistakes happen when everything is clear in the application.
 I am a senior citizen (71 years) and I am tired of visiting the ward office and
I am fed up with behaviour of the people who are responsible for preparing the card correctly. About a fortnight ago, I wrote a letter to the commissioner of state election commission about the problem.

Perhaps the Central Election Commission should come out saying that any form of identity (driving licence, passport, LPG book etc.) is enough so that people can be spared of the agony of getting the election commission photo identity card.

R Ranganathan,
7th B Cross, UAS Layout

Hazard-prone road requires attention

The main crossroad (BEML Layout, 4th Main, 20th Cross) is in a miserable condition. It becomes extremely difficult for elderly people, kids and women to walk on the

Driving two wheelers is also not safe and many residents from the apartments have unfortunate falls on these roads four or five times in the past year alone.

We had also complained to the BBMP and Dodennakundi Corporator for our ward (Sreedhar Reddy) but no action has been taken. BBMP officials claim that this is the Corporators job and the corporatór prefers not to do anything about it. When Association members approached Reddy, he promised to visit the area.

He finally visited during the recent Karnataka Assembly elections, accompanied by Arvind Limbavali, in an attempt to get votes, but not once did they bother to look at the miserable condition of the road.

Sudeep Das, Sai Pagaon Meadows Apartments, 4th Main, 20th Cross, BEML Layout, Kundalahalli Gate

Garbage posing serious health risks

Residents in the vicinity have been dumping garbage on 7th ‘A’ Main Road, HRBR Layout, Banaswadi for the past six months. All efforts to curb the menace have went in vain.

Complaints to the corporator, legislator and the local BBMP office have not yielded any response. Six persons including two children living on this road have contracted dengue.

The authorities concerned should take necessary action immediately.

G Gopinath,
Ist Block, HRBR Layout,
Banaswadi, Kalyanagar

Dead tree proves a threat to life

An old and large tree on the left at the road entrance to 16th ‘B’ Main behind Nandini Hotel 4th ‘B’ Block, Koramangala, has been dead for years. The bottom of the tree has become beset by termites and is rotten.

Residents here fear that the tree may topple during the coming monsoon, perhaps with grievous consequences to passing commuters or vehicles.

 The BBMP needs to address this problem right away and cut down the tree.

Devadatta J I,
16th 'B' Main, 4th 'B' Block, Koramangala

Sewage affecting road traffic

The first main road in Yeshwantpur has become unmotorable as dirty water from sewage stagnate on the stretch.

The filthy smell poses health hazards to the road users. The problem compounded when it rained heavily a few days ago. The authorities concerned should take steps to restore the road.

S Srinivasa Prasad,
1st Main, 3rd Cross, Yeshwantpur.

Frequent hikes in bus pass fare

The BMTC authorities sporadically increase the bus fare unilaterally without a valid reason.

Now, the revised fares have already been effected after the Assembly election, increasing the monthly pass fare from the present Rs 825  to Rs 925. This has created untold hardships to the common man who is entirely dependant on public transport.

Instead of trying to reduce their wasteful expenditure and other pilferage within the corporation, the BMTC prefers to simply hike the fare now and again. It is needless to mention that the BMTC is already overcharging commuters in the name of “Red Board Passes” as most BMTC red Board buses are plying within the BBMP area and collect Red Board Charges.

I request the appropriate officers to look into the maladministration and other related affairs in the BMTC and to direct BMTC Authorities not to increase the monthly and daily pass charges without a valid reason.

K Padmanabha,
Ganga Nagar

Hoardings endanger pedestrians

Recently my friend died after an advertisement hoarding fell on him during heavy rains.These advertisement hoardings are everywhere in the City Has the BBMP taken any safety measures to ensure better safety for Bangalore citizens? Who is to blame for this mess of advertisement hoardings and how do we get the details of owners and licence permission number of these these advertisement hoardings are put up?

MD Shekar, R S Palya

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