Applauding outstanding theatre

Applauding outstanding theatre

In an effort to encourage theatre performances in Hindi and discover fresh talents from across India, LNJ Bhilwara Group organised Bhilwara Natya Puraskar for the third consecutive year at Azad Bhawan on May 25-26.

Bhilwara Natya Puraskar has been an example of showcasing and expanding the horizon of fresh talents from theatre across India. The success of this initiative could be judged by the crowd that thronged Azad Bhawan to catch the famous plays Matsyagandha and Aurangzeb.
Matsyagandha, directed by Mohammad Nazir Qureshi, was an enactment of one of the most remarkable and revered episodes from the Mahabharat. It also depicted the hurt sentiments of the most powerful character of Satyawati. The play was a remarkable depiction of the many sides of the vows of Bhishma.

Aurangzeb, directed by K S Rajendran, beautifully dealt with the subject of war of succession to throne soon after emperor Shahjahan fell ill and entire issues and consequences related to it.

Matsyagandha bagged the first prize of Rs 2 lakhs, a trophy and a certificate while Aurangzeb was declared second with a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh, a trophy and a certificate by the jury members.

“The award is given every year to two outstanding theatre productions in Hindi, preferably of original and fresh plays written in Hindi or of any Indian language, but translated into Hindi. The award recognises not only the written script, but also the production as a whole,” said Narender Kumar Mudgal, Secretary Bhilwara Natya Puraskar.