IPL needs big investors: Prasanna

IPL needs big investors: Prasanna

Former cricketer E Prasanna today said Raj Kundra, being an owner of an IPL team, has crossed a certain line by placing bets during matches but felt that such cricket events cannot survive without the help of rich businessmen.

Adding more drama to the spot-fixing drama, it was today revealed that Rajasthan Royals co-owner Kundra lost a lot of money while placing bets during IPL matches.

Asked if the game should have a place for businessmen, Prasanna said they were indispensable for events such as IPL.

"In an event like this, huge amount of investment is required. You do require people with lot of money and I expect money is hoarded by business people. There presence is required in these events," Prasanna said.

However, the former spinner said people like Kundra should be satisfied with the money they already are making through their association with the IPL.

"If they are investing money knowing that they will get an X amount of money in return from the Board, they should accept it. This is beyond that," Prasanna said.