Organised pandemonium

A dance-drama titled ‘A Sorted Confusion!’ is a sixty minute performance directed by Swati Mohan and Rakesh. The production attempts to investigate the conflict of quiet and chaos. The blessings of creativity and natural resources have always been there for humanity.

Creativity has come to rescue us through inventions and discoveries since ages while water has been the reason for life on this planet, out of all the others. But do we allow ourselves enough space to explore without judgment?

Are we being responsible towards natural resources earth has bestowed on us? Can we do more than what we are doing?

The only answer to these questions seems to be in the fact that this confusion is ‘sorted’ as life is still beautiful with universal energies working seamlessly together with whoever partners with it. Venue: Epicentre, Gurgaon on June 8 and 9.  Time: 8 pm and 7.30 pm respectively. Tickets are available at the venue.


National School of Drama’s Summer Theatre Festival is back with Ranjit Kapur’s classic plays, Aadamzaad and Panchlight. Aadamzaad is a presentation which inhibits different colours of human life. This story of Vijaydaan Detha carves the greedy and cruel face of man and is toned up in the music and environment of Rajasthan. The main character of the story make revolt against his dishonest society and turn into dacoit.

Panchlight, the creation of Fanishwarnath Renu, is a story that belongs to Bhojpuri culture. The story interprets the illiteracy of society through a gas lamp. Its narrative is a strong satire on the structure of society which is full of discrimination. Both the plays cater to the emotions of tragedy and comedy alongwith melodious music. Venue: Sammukh Auditorium, NSD till June 8. Time: 6.30 pm.

Political satire

Asmita Theatre Group presents Moteram Ka Satyagrah, the classic Hindi musical satire based on Munshi Premchand’s story. This adaptation by Habib Tanveer and Safdar Hashmi is a satire on governance, especially bureaucracy. It takes the audience on a hilarious trip to the gallery of power.

Through protagonist Moteram, the play is a commentary on the bureaucratic system of the country. Venue: Amphitheatre, India Habitat Centre on June 8 and 9. Time: 7.30 pm.

Comic narrative

Enjoy dual dose of stand-up comedy Bhelpoori. Directed by Rocky S, the play starring Saleem Shah is an ideal recipe for laughter and fun. It’s a hilarious satire on love, sex, politics, society, relationships, Bollywood, etc. So fasten your seat belts and get set for a roller coaster ride of fun and frolic. Venue: Alliance Francaise on June 8 and 9.
Time: 7.30 pm and 7 pm respectively. Tickets are available online at www.bookmyshow.com.