'I am living my dream every single day'

'I am living my dream every single day'

Bold actress

'I am living my dream every single day'

Actress Vidya Balan is getting bolder by the day. She had set a lot of tongues wagging with her role in ‘The Dirty Picture’ as people thought that Vidya had a lot of guts to do all the bold scenes in the movie. But the cinema broke all records and put Vidya on a new high.

That dirty picture was not a one-off thing, Vidya proved her exceptional talent in
Kahaani, where she played a pregnant woman, who avenges the death of her
husband. “I felt like I was really carrying a baby and delivered only at the end of the shooting of the film. These two films (‘The Dirty Picture’ and Kahaani) have really pushed me out of my comfort zone and inspired me to stretch my skills as an actor,” Vidya tells Metrolife.

Vidya is waiting for her new project Ghanchakkar to hit the screens. And she says that she has yet again essayed a pretty bold role in this movie.

What strikes you first about the character of Vidya in the film is her loud dressing sense,
funny clothes and exaggerated accessories. “It’s unlike the character of Silk in ‘The Dirty
Picture’ where she wore her sexuality on her sleeve.

In Ghanchakkar, I play the role of Neethu, a middle-class Punjabi housewife, who runs the house on a shoe-string budget yet wears outrageous clothes and thinks that it is fashion,” explains Vidya, who absolutely loves her character. She further states, “What she doesn’t realise is that her clothes are thoroughly mismatched. There’s a certain naivety about her and that’s what I really like about the character.”

One of the first things that Vidya gets frequently asked these days is about her life
after marriage and the only thing that she tells people is that ‘nothing has changed’. Vidya thinks it’s fun to be married.

“I was shooting for Ghanchakkar two weeks prior to my marriage and I must say that life becomes meaningful only when there’s mutual respect and when you accept the other person the way he or she is,” philosophises Vidya.

She confesses that she isn’t torn between work and managing the house as yet.

Vidya can’t imagine what else she would have done if she hadn’t become an
actress. “I always wanted to be an actress and today, I am living my dream every
single day. I believe that there will be roles waiting for me even when I am well
into my eighties,” she sums up.