Full of dreams for the future

Full of dreams for the future

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Full of dreams for the future

Mount Carmel College opened its doors to the first-year degree students on Wednesday — a batch of mature, confident and forthcoming young women, who were sure of what they wanted from the college and had their three years all planned out.

Metrolife spoke to a few degree students and interacted with the management of the college to understand how they plan to get the best out of the students.
There was no fear or anxiety on their faces. The two years of PUC had done them a lot of good in helping them shed their inhibitions.

Every student looked forward to being associated with the culturals at the college.
 There are more than 40 associations in the college and the management encourages the students to participate in as many activities as possible.

 The freshers comprise students from across the country as well. Hema, a first-year BSc student, is from Chennai and she says that she didn’t feel a wee bit intimidated on the first day.

“I had heard so much about the college that I was quite keen to join this place. I felt more than welcome on the first day. The seniors too seem to be very friendly and approachable,” says Hema. Smrithi, a first-year BA student, did her PU in the same college.

 “I am no stranger to the college but I am more than looking forward to participating in as many extracurricular activities as I can. The exposure and experience we get here is one of a kind,” she says.

The college affords the students freedom but within limits. The students must also adhere to a dress code that directs the girls not to wear any figure-hugging clothes, sleeveless tops or short skirts.

 “The college places the right amount of restriction. It’s only when you study in such an atmosphere that you learn to be self-disciplined,” says Swetha, another first-year student. Soniya, a first-year BCom student, adds that she can’t wait to break the ice with her seniors.

“I’ve heard that there’s no ragging and the seniors are always around to guide you when you need them. I can’t wait to meet them and find out more about the college from them,” she says.

Tasmai, another student, pitches in, “The faculty at Mount Carmel is among the best and they seem approachable and friendly. I think that makes a huge difference.”
A well-organised welfare team, comprising the principal and the staff of the college, guides the students and takes care of the various activities in college.

Charmaine Jerome, welfare officer, says, “We try and make sure the students settle down without any fear. They are told that they have the freedom to come and interact with the faculty whenever they want to. They are briefed about the campus culture, its discipline and its uncompromising attitude towards excelling in academics.”

 Principal Sr M Juanita feels the students are not difficult to handle. She thinks it’s important to interact with them on their level, rather than expect the students to know everything at once.

 “I always tell the students that they are like a mound of clay that needs to be moulded into a proper form. It is our duty to mould the students into good human beings, who are productive to society,” reasons Juanita.

She states that the college has mentors to watch over the students. “Freedom to the students is a licence to bring out the best in them,” she concludes.