PCB Committee probing sexual harassment submits report

PCB Committee probing sexual harassment submits report

PCB Committee probing sexual harassment submits report

An inquiry committee formed by the Pakistan Cricket Board to probe allegations of sexual harassment made by some women players of the Multan region has completed its proceedings and submitted the report to the higher authorities.

Ayesha Ashar, who headed the three member inquiry committee that included a legal advisor, Shahbaz Rizvi said that statements and all the evidence from both the parties had been heard and looked at in the detailed hearings.

"They all appeared under oath and all proceedings were video taped. We have submitted our outcome and findings to the higher authorities now for further reaction," she said.

Five girls of the Multan region appeared on a television channel and alleged that they were subjected to inappropriate behaviour and asked for sexual favours by some officials/coaches of the Multan Cricket Club during a training camp.

Ayesha, the long-serving manager of the Pakistan women's team, said the inquiry committee had heard out the girls as well the officials of Multan CC including its President who is blamed by the girls for ignoring their plight.

"I can't say here what our findings are but we took this matter very seriously because when women's cricket is still developing in Pakistan such allegations will only discourage girls from taking to the game," Ayesha said.

One of the girls, Kiran Khan said on a television show that she was forced to give up playing the game after being pressurised to give favours by a coach and official in the camp.

Ayesha said the career records of the girls were also scrutinised by the inquiry committee to confirm if there was indeed any injustice done to them in selection matters.