Susmit Sen ready to start new chapter in life

Susmit Sen ready to start new chapter in life

Susmit Sen ready to start new chapter in life

After his 23-year-long association with Indian Ocean, Susmit Sen's decision to part ways with the famous rock band may have come as a shock to his fans but the guitarist says he is looking forward to begin a new innings in life.

Susmit, who along with late Asheem Chakravarty had founded Indian Ocean in 1990, has now moved ahead with his new band 'The Susmit Sen Chronicles'.

"I am happy to move forward with my life and career. I have a deep connection with Indian Ocean and I know that I will miss going on-stage with the band but this is part and parcel of a musician's life. I do n't think there should be any sadness about my decision to quit," Susmit told PTI.

Susmit has already come out with an individual album - Depths of the Ocean- where the compositions bear his trademark and which has his unique style of guitar playing.

He is collaborating with a bunch of musicians- Anirban Ghosh, Nikhil Vasudevan, Amit Sharma, Sudhir Rikhari, Rajiv Raja and old friend Gyaan Singh (of Mrigya fame) and creating music with them as 'The Susmit Sen Chronicles'.

"The new band has more synergy, new melodies. I have completed the album and I am very happy with the end product, I am very happy with the people I am working with. And I hope that the audiences will be as generous in their appreciation and support to The Chronicles as they will continue to be with Indian Ocean," Susmit said.

Young and upcoming guitarist Nikhil Rao will take over the task of carrying on Susmit's tradition in Indian Ocean.

"I met Rao three years ago. We did jam together and I liked him a lot. He is a promising young guitarist and will be able to give a lot of impetus to Indian Ocean as he will not only add value to concerts but will also be able to create new music with the band in their signature style," Susmit said.

Susmit and his close friend Asheem had come together to interpret Indian rhythms and melodies at a time when most young independent musicians were attempting to do covers of known international acts.

Rahul Ram joined within a year. Amit Kilam, a multi-instrumentalist joined in the summer of 1994.

The four went on to create some timeless music in the albums Desert Rain, Kandisa, Jhini, Black Friday and 16/330 Khajoor Road.

The band was struck by a disaster, when Asheem died after a cardiac arrest in 2009. When asked if his death was a setback for the band, Susmit said, "It was a difficult period for us. It was poignant that we could continue with the band and I am thankful to a lot of people who supported us at that time."

Indian Ocean currently comprises Amit Kilam, Rahul Ram, Himanshu Joshi and Tuheen Chakraborty.