Do it yourself

Do it yourself

People take a lot of care to decorate their homes especially when they expect guests. With a little thought each and every aspect of decorating the home can be given a personal touch.

But many of them hesitate to have very expensive decor items on their porches and porticos for fear of theft or the spoiling of their items due to the natural elements like sunlight and rainfall.

Here is a tip which will circumvent your fear and help to deck up your walls on the porch or your portico of your home lively in a novel way. If you feel tempted to try them out, you should not mind soiling your hands for a while. If you pursue the following steps achieving your aesthetic aim will not be a far cry.

Procure some chalk powder and zinc oxide from a hardware shop, add a little fevicol to the powder and knead them evenly.

Once you have a lump-free dough roll out the clay like a thick roti, you could sprinkle chalk powder on the dough to prevent it from sticking onto your rolling pin and also to ease the process.

Sketch out shapes of flowers, fishes, butterflies, leaves or anything that appeals to your mind on the dough with a blunt nail.

Once the outline is complete cut it out with a knife and attend to the details like the veins of the leaves, the scales of the fish etc with the blunt end of the nail.

Allow the piece to dry completely and paint it with a coat of oil based wall primer. Little cracks or fissures can be fixed with a little fevicol.

Bring out your set of fabric paints and paint the pieces gaily according to your taste.
The completed pieces may be fixed onto the walls permanently with the help of M-seal at selected spots.

These mini wall plates are very easy to maintain they can be wiped clean with a wet cloth. When you get your home re-painted these artifacts may remain in place.You could tape a plastic cover over them during the period. You could always touch up the paint or repaint them in different hues to give them a facelift.