'I didn't enjoy working with my wife'

'I didn't enjoy working with my wife'


'I didn't enjoy working with my wife'

Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja — the name would be familiar to only few but the name Dhanush will see many heads nodding in affirmation to familiarity across the world.

With promos of his debut film Raanjhanaa creating a buzz, the actor-lyricist is all armed to answer the raining questions about his transition into mainstream Hindi cinema.With a little bored look on his face and a forced smile, Dhanush said, “You are doing your job, I am doing mine,” when recently in the city to promote the film. 

Swinging in his chair, he shared with Metrolife that he doesn’t talk much about his personal life because, “Me as a person is different from me as an actor (sic). As a person what I am, you will never know the truth. What I appear to you might be right or wrong so why unnecessarily talk about it? There are few people who have to deal with what I am in my real life but as an actor, I am answerable to all your questions.”

Dhanush maintains his cool and shares that his first day on the shoot of Raanjhanaa made him feel as if he is in a “new world”. “I was pretty lost for the first 3-4 days and didn’t know what was happening and whom I should approach or talk to. But in a week’s time, I understood I am among beautiful people like Anand (Rai) sir, Himanshu (Sharma), Zeeshan Swara Bhaskar and Sonam (Kapoor). They all made sure that I was comfortable,” he said

He doesn’t buy the point that the film’s story is a safe bet, even though it rides on the age-old love story formula and insists, “You have to watch this film to understand how real and original it is and how much you can relate to this film. That’s why this film is not like any other film.” It seems he has acquired the Bollywood language already!

Dhanush is all set to sign more Hindi films but refuses to divulge any details. Meanwhile his dual job keeps him busy and he doesn’t find it hard to juggle between composing music and acting. “It’s very easy,” he says. When asked what makes it easy, he says “Because this is the only thing I know.” Fair enough, we say.

But when asked to choose one between the two, his answer was unexpected! “Direction is more dear to me. I haven’t directed yet but that is more close to my heart.” He even plans to direct in near future. 

“I wanted to direct this year but it looks very very unlikely now (sic). I have few scripts but they will have to wait till next year,” he says with a heavy heart and adds, “My wife has directed me but I haven’t directed myself. But I don’t miss her because I definitely didn’t enjoy working with her. It was not a good experience,” he signs off leaving one wondering why?