Dams inch closer to reaching brim

Dams inch closer to reaching brim

Dams inch closer to reaching brim

The inflow into the lone reservoir in the district, Harangi, has increased considerably and the dam is just short of 9.6 feet short of re- aching the maximum level.

A total inflow of 13,831 cusecs was recorded in the last 24 hours and the water level in the dam was 2,849.34 feet (maximum 2,859 feet). The water storage in the dam is 5.77 tmc feet.

People in low-lying areas of the river banks have been instructed to move to safer places. Rainfall decreased in the district in the last 24 hrs and the water receded in Talacauvery and Bhagamandala.

Traffic resumed on the Murnadu-Napoklu, Bhagamandala-Madikeri and Bhagamandala-Napoklu roads. Schools and colleges will reopen in the district on Friday.

The inflow and outflow in the Kabini reservoir have been recorded at 35,000 cusecs each in the last four days. The water level stood at 2,280 feet (maximum 2,284 feet).

The water level stood at 85.90 feet (maximum 124.80 feet) in the KRS dam. While the inflow was 21,147 cusecs, the outflow was 1,253 cusecs. The level in the corresponding period last year was 74.20 feet.

The water level in the Bhadra reservoir rose by three feet and that in the Linganamakki dam rose by two feet, following rains in the last 24 hours. The level in the Linganamakki dam stood at 1,765.70 feet on Thursday (against a maximum of 1,819 feet). While the inflow was 17,542 cusecs, there was no outflow. The reservoir level on the same day last year was 1,746.95 feet.

The water level in the Bhadra dam was 133.2 feet against a maximum of 186 feet. The inflow has increased to 19,639 cusecs following copious rains in the catchment areas of Chikmagalur district.

The level in the Tunga reservoir was recorded at 587.78 feet, with an inflow of 14,450 cusecs and outflow of 12,000 cusecs. The water level in the Almatti reservoir in Bagalkot district stood at 510.85 metres (maximum 519.6 metres). The inflow was 6,220 cusecs.