Saintly qualities can be emulated

They lead us all on the path of higher awareness and consciousness. Having a spiritual guru is very important to walk on the path of virtues, truths and humanity. Spiritual pursuits strengthen social ethics too, which are of great importance for world peace.  
Spirituality that shows concern for humans is the conne-cting thread that runs through all the saints. As humanists primarily, saints believe in the symbiotic relationship between belief systems and propagate the quintessential meanings and truth. Their lives show the triumph of resolute faith, piety and constancy.

That is why saints are important-  they keep the torch of faith, love alive. They empathise with the hapless and uphold ideologies to improve human conditions. They understand that humans can fall victim to unkind life circumstances, and so will guide them to be stoic and strong. With their crystal clear sparkling souls, they break ground quite naturally and unconsciously - each in one's own inimitable style.
Saintly qualities can be emulated by everybody –irrespective of caste, creed and religion.Inherent goodness and faith are saintly qualities that affect humans positively and divinely.

There is a story of a dying man who when given a glass of water, poured it on a drying plant, as an obeisance offered to the Lord, saying that the water is more important to the plant. There is a saint in this man too...because life for some is an unending prayer - coming out in selfless acts - it becomes more potent.

In one of his poems, Rabindranath Tagore cried out to Buddha, whom he considered the greatest soul ever born on the Earth. He says
The world today is wild with the delirium of hatred,the conflicts are cruel and unceasing in anguish, crooked are its paths, tangled its bonds of greed. All creatures are crying for a new birth of thine,O Thou of bondless life,save them, rouse thine eternal voice of hope, let Love’s lotus with its inexhaustible treasure of honey open its petals in thy light.O Serene, O Free, in thine immeasurable mercy and goodness wipe away all dark stains from the heart of this earth.

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