Stepping into a new world

Stepping into a new world

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Stepping into a new world

It’s a big transition and one that most school students look forward to all their life — the first day of college.

With visible nervousness coupled with excitement, they take the first steps into the campus that becomes their second home for the next three years.

Metrolife speaks to some freshers from Jyoti Nivas College to understand their expectations from the years ahead.

The assurance of quality education is a common reason for most students to have picked the college. “I love the library, the way of teaching and the campus vibe here. There’s a lot of focus on sports and extracurricular activities and the best part is that you can earn credits from non-academic activities. I was initially nervous but the orientation helped me relax,” shares Shanaz Khan, a BCom student, adding, “what also attracted me was the fact that the college is always in the news — for the right reasons.”

Others chose it for more practical reasons. “I came here because the canteen is known to be amazing and I want to eat there everyday!” jokes Reshma Kumari, a BCom student. “On a more serious note, the teachers are really good and friendly. This is definitely one of the best colleges in Bangalore. My sister also studies here, which makes it convenient,” she adds.

Then there are those who shift from the PUC to degree block on the same campus. “I have a lot of expectations from the course, which allows you to have fun while learning. The teachers are more welcoming than the students and dress well everyday. After two years of PUC, which stressed on marks quite a bit, it’s nice to have a course that allows the overall development and goes beyond academics. I think it’s going to be a great three years,” says Anju Alex.

Tamara Syed also feels that the transition from PUC to degree is quite smooth. “I’m really looking forward to the course. I’m making a transition from science to art and the first day was tough for me. But by the second day, it was alright. I’m impressed by the teachers and our seniors are approachable,” says Tamara, adding, “in many ways, the course goes beyond studies and there are compulsory credits to ensure that everyone does something. The college encourages students to showcase talents in different fields, which is a heartening thing to see.”

For a few, the promise of true friendships pulled them here. “You meet all kinds of people here. Though a lot of my friends have also joined with me, I am keen to make some new friends. You can also pursue many short-term courses and join a lot of clubs here,” says Jyoti, another fresher.