Brain power

It is brain power,
That makes us bloom like a
flower, Or think harder,
Or be stronger.
It is brains,
That makes you hope it rains,
Or sulk due to a stain.
It is this power
That makes you go for a shower,
Or look at the Eiffel tower.
It is brain power,
That makes you listen,
Walk, Talk and Stiffen.
It is brainpower
That is the best power


Earth is round,
According to me,
It resembles a mound.
It’s a place full of sound,
I consider it profound!
You see its where,
Animals like bear,
Roam freely,
In their caves so eerie.
There are others too,
That includes me and you.
But at the moment it’s all
about swine flue.
My point is that,
We must preserve the fact,
That Earth is the hub of
the galaxy....

Poems by: Chintan Singh, KCH CBSE 7th ‘C’

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