Bommai calls for effective planning

BJP leader Basavaraj Bommai on Monday said the government should strengthen the Planning, Programme Monitoring and Statistics department for effectively planning and implementation of its programmes.

“The department does not have a proper database. As a result, it has not been able to plan any programme or scheme for the State. All planning is done by the respective departments. In the absence of a database, planning will not be accurate and hence may lead to lapses at the time of implementation,” he told the Assembly during a discussion on the revised budget 2013-14.

The Planning department is not involved even in the preparation of the State budget. Strengthening it is the key to effective implementation of the Rs 1.21-lakh crore budget. The government should take necessary steps in this regard, he said.

The government has given its consent for FDI in retail in the State. But at the same time, it has announced the setting up of an Agricultural Price Commission to provide fair price to farmers for their produce. “There is a total contradiction. How can you control the market and provide justice to farmers after allowing FDI in multi-brand retail?” he asked.

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