'I'm happy with my life'

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'I'm happy with my life'

He may not have had the most successful career in Bollywood. But Marc Robinson sure knows the world of fashion.

He has dabbled with modelling and choreography and finally settled for the role of fashion production. Metrolife speaks to him about his visit to the City for the ‘Indian Diva 2013’ auditions.

“‘Indian Diva’ isn’t just another beauty pageant because the winner goes to represent India for the title of ‘Ms Universe’. I need a girl like Lara Dutta or Sushmita Sen, who is drop dead gorgeous. When she enters a room, everyone present should be absorbed by her beauty. It’s that kind of a personality that we’re looking for. She has to be a diva in the true sense of the word,” says Marc.

“The one rule I maintain in this industry is that there can be no compromise on values and what the organisation stands for. If you keep it fair, everyone’s happy,” he adds.
When asked about the transition from model to fashion choreographer, he dismisses that part of his life saying, “I produce shows now. I’ve moved on from fashion choreography. I get bored easily and need new concepts that interest me.” 

Taking each day as it comes and making the most of it seems to be his approach to things.

“I don’t know what my future plans are because I’m in my comfort zone. I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I’m happy with my life and have only three priorities — my three children, work and competitive football,” notes Marc.

Life has changed its course many a time but he is content gaining experience through whatever he does. That’s probably why he shows no remorse about his short-lived acting career that ended with Bade Din.

“I was 15 years too early. I see the industry now and there are a lot more options and interesting films to work on. It’s become a very versatile market. If I had the chance to go back in time, I would do a few more films,” he admits, adding, “fashion was something I loved then and still do. It wasn’t an option for me but just something I had to do.”

On the current fashion trends, he says, “My mind’s currently too soaked in bridal wear because of the shows I’m working on. But I think it’s lovely how fashion keeps changing. People should not conform to what is trendy but see what works for their body. It isn’t always about what’s in style but what matches one’s own sense of style.”

Bangalore is a city that he is looking forward to visiting for the pageant.
“You never know what to expect! Lara Dutta was from Bangalore and the City has always been known for its good models. Maybe we’ll find our candidate here,” he concludes.

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