Out of the box

Out of the box

Diverse Genres

Last seen in the medical thriller ‘Ankur Arora Murder Case’, actor Arjun Mathur says that he will not get into the romantic comedy genre but is game for a love story.

“I am not getting into rom-coms ever in my life. I am into love stories and I want to do them, but something with a slightly different concept,” Arjun says.

 “We are just stuck to one particular depiction of love in our films. If I do a love story, it will be something different,” he adds.

The 31-year-old also says that he wants to explore new genres and try different things.
 “I am not stuck to one particular genre. I want to explore and do different things. Last year, all the movies I did were completely different from each other,” he says, adding, “I think I am just lucky in that sense because if a film-maker is making his first film, for some reason he thinks of me.”

Arjun has been part of films like ‘Luck By Chance’ and ‘My Name Is Khan’ and is currently working on ‘Fireflies’, ‘Coffee Bloom’ and ‘Couching Tiger Mannu’.