Green champions honoured in Capital

Green champions honoured in Capital

All households are comfortable with gas stoves for quick cooking, but case of fire due to flammable liquefied petroleum gas are little understood by users.

Naturally, numerous fatalities occur every year due to fires from open gas stove valves and leakage from tubes between the stove and cylinder.

Concerned, Shaikh Mohammad Ishfaq from Andhra Pradesh, developed a simple mechanism to lock the regulator while putting off the burner knob. Thereby leakages, if any, do not cause significant damage.

Another such innovation is for bicycle — the traditional and still an important mode of transport in many parts of India. But riding a bicycle on unpaved roads is a difficult, dangerous task.

Hailing from a remote region in Assam, Kanakdas saw scope for improvement by adding six springs under the pedal to act both as a shock absorber and for kick-back acceleration after every bump on the road. Das’ innovation means less effort for riding bicycles in rugged village terrains – an innovation suitable for biking enthusiasts too.

Many such unsung heroes who have been working to provide environment-friendly devices have been felicitated at the Global Health Safety and Environment Conference on Friday, organised by Cairn India, where over 50 global speakers and 400 industry leaders from across sectors came together to promote health, safety and environment culture in South Asian countries with a focus on India.

Around 90 per cent of all natural calamities can be attributed to some degree of human failure, causing huge fatalities, said experts at the conference.

The two-day conference has brought the spotlight on sustainable growth and importance of human action in loss prevention.