Kareena's priorities in life are clear: Soha Ali Khan

Last Updated 29 September 2013, 06:26 IST

Actress Soha Ali Khan says her sister-in-law Kareena Kapoor has set her priorities right on personal and professional front.

"We are very much ourselves and what I love about her is in spite of being a huge star, she is a very down to earth person. Physically also she is without make up, chilled out and naturally very beautiful as a person. I know how difficult it is to be an actor and work and then have to look after your personal life," Soha told PTI.

"I respect the fact that she is clear in her priorities about work and my brother. So I have lot of respect for her as a person and we get along very well... She likes me because I am like my brother," she said.

Soha feels Kareena and Saif are good influence on each other. She and Kareena don't live together, but whenever they meet they do not talk much about films and work.

"If you sit with four actors you will realise no actor is interested in another actor's work. They will immediately switch off. We are more interested in talking about what is happening off set, we indulge in gossip all the time but I am not telling you (who all we gossip about)," she said.

On work front, Soha seems quite excited about her upcoming film 'War Chhod Naa Yaar', being promoted as India's first war comedy film, where she is playing the role of a war correspondent.

"This particular representation at border is unique. I always wanted to go to the border and I was looking to get an opportunity to go to Kargil. Sharman Joshi and I went to Wagah Border when we were shooting for 'Rang De Basanti'. I always had this imagination of going there after seeing 'Border', 'LOC' and to know as to what happens there," she said.

"I am doing live reporting in the film for some time and interacting with Army officers. She is like a normal girl and has a normal romantic healthy interest. She meets Sharman Joshi, who is a good looking Army officer," Soha said.

'War Chhod Na Yaar' is directed by Faraz Haider, who assisted Dibakar Banerjee on 'Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!'. The film also stars Sharman Joshi, Jaaved Jaffrey, Dalip Tahil and Mukul Dev. It releases on October 11.

Asked if there was any sibling rivalry during childhood with Saif or her sister Saba, Soha said, "I did not have fights with Bhai (Saif) but with my sister Saba, because there is a ten-year gap between Saif and me, while me and my elder sister have a gap of two-and-half years or so."

"My sister and I shared a room and we had actually made a border, if anyone crossed it, it was like infiltrating in the area. We had horrible fights as children," she said.

Though Soha is the youngest in the family, she thinks she was not pampered as much as Saif was.

"I don't think I was pampered, my sister feels I was. My brother was pampered because of the mother-son relation. Bhai was allowed to get away with everything, while my mother was strict with us," she said.

"But none of us were spoilt. We came from a position but we were asked to follow basic things like switching off lights, not to talk on phone much often and we were given an allowance," Soha added.

(Published 29 September 2013, 06:25 IST)

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