'I think Modi stands for Ram Rajya'

BJP's Poorvanchali face Manoj Tiwari gets into campaign groove

Poorvanchalis — the migrants from Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern Uttar Pradesh — have emerged as an important vote bank in the national capital, making up for around a quarter of the Delhi’s total voters. 

While Poorvanchalis have traditionally been voting for the Congress in the city, Bharatiya Janata Party is going all out to woo them for the upcoming Assembly and General elections. It has recently inducted popular Bhojpuri cinema star Manoj Tiwari into the party to attract the Poorvanchali voters. Vishal Kant talked with the cinestar: 
All your popularity stems from your career in Bhojpuri music and films? What kind of a role you see for yourself in politics?

It is true that I am a Poorvanchali and I have a fan following among them, but I am not going to be restricted to any particluar region. I percieve political issues from a national perspective.

 I always relate myself with the issues which are national. I shared stage with Anna Hazare and Ramdev over corruption, which is a national issue. Having said that, I would like to clarify that I want to represent the Poorvanchalis and take up their cause.  

Could you further elaborate this point?

Poorvanchalis have migrated to all parts of the country. However, if you get into the reasons behind it, one would find that a particular brand of politics which was practised in that part of the country was behind it to a great extent. It became an unsaid convention that people who are educated, thoughful and hard working would have to migrate to other cities and states for a better life. 

It was a result of the politics of caste and religion. But now people are fed up with it and looking for other options.
 Why did you join BJP, especially after contesting Lok Sabha polls as a Samajwadi Party candidate? These parties are dramatically opposite in their ideology.  

Just having ideologies does not matter. Abiding by it does. Some of the big parties do not follow what they claim to stand for. 

Frankly speaking, I was not aware of several political issues in 2009 when I campaigned and contested on SP ticket. 

I started campaigning for the SP because of Amitabh Bachchan, who I consider as God. It just happened. My decision to join the BJP is a very well thought decision. 

Today’s BJP is completely ‘Modified’. Don’t you think the 2002 riots are still an issue?All riots are a result of madness. Riots have happened in this country even before and after 2002. Riots and terrorism are almost similar. 

We need to have a national policy to curb riots in the country. However, we need to move ahead of 2002. As far as Narendra Modi is concerned, I think Modi ji  stands for ‘Ram Rajya’ and not only for Bhagwan Ram. His brand of politics is all about development, which the country requires. 

But you met Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit two days prior to joining BJP?

 It was just a courtesy call. I have very good personal relations with her and I address her as my mother.
  Do you think Modi would have an impact on Delhi Assembly polls?
 Delhi is the national capital. Even Modi ji would rule from Delhi after 2014. Some of the important agencies in the national capital like Delhi Police report to the Union government. 

So he would play a role in governance of Delhi as well. And people realise that and would vote for BJP in Assembly polls. 

Where will you contest election from — Delhi or Bihar?

Party leaders gave me the option of choosing a seat for myself, but I have left the decision with the party. 

How do you rate AAP as a political party? Do you justify their decision to join politics?No, I think I am with Anna Hazare on that front. Kejriwal ji should have continued to lead the social movement he was leading. I have some very good friends in AAP. They even approached me to join Aam Aadmi Party, but I politely refused.  

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