Club activities for all

Club activities for all

Club activities for all

The students of ISBR are excited as they were selected to be a part of the 12 activity clubs in the college. Participating in the many activities of the club, they believe, helps them improve and sharpen their technical and soft skills.

The students who are keen to integrate academics and the work at the club tell Metrolife that they are looking forward to an enriching year.

Pearly David, a first-year postgraduate student, who is a part of the marketing club, is looking forward to holding seminars and workshops for students to improve their marketing skills.

 “We want to ask well-known faces from the industry to come, talk and give us an idea about current trends in the market,” she said. She added, “Along with contacting companies, we will also be organising inter-departmental activities to get to know our batchmates.” 

Terming the writers club as the ‘backbone of any event’, Priyakshi Dutta explained that they will be responsible for reporting any event on campus. “We have to contribute articles to our annual college magazine. We will have to give in some interviews, which is a good chance for us to meet some well-known people,” she said. While the corporate world feels that students and fresh graduates lack communication skills, these postgraduate students are working towards improving their soft skills. “Through workshops that we plan to conduct, we want both the final-years and our juniors to enhance their skills,” added Priyakshi.

For some students, it’s the first time that they are a part of a club of this kind. Hoping for a fruitful experience, Karan Kumar, another first-year post-graduate student says, “We will be handling internships, guest lectures and panel discussions. What’s important for us is networking and developing an industry connect. We are yet to finalise what is to be done,” he said.

The students, who have previously organised and taken part in street plays and flash mobs, are hoping to take part and take up social issues that beg for attention. “We feel that street plays are an effective way of drawing the attention of people,” said Pronoy Adhikary, another student.