A tribute to the pioneers

Last Updated 28 October 2013, 13:08 IST

Garage Jam at Sonido Musicals marked its first anniversary with a tribute to the renowned cult band ‘Megadeth’ recently. The band line-up included ‘Fantom’, ‘Nurotia’, ‘Counterplot Theory’ (Headliners) and ‘Satish and Friends’.

The crowd, which kept trickling in through the evening, kept the spirt of the show high.  While some bands chose to play popular tunes, others gave the audience a taste of their original compositions.  Arjun, an engineering student, who is a part of ‘Fantom’, said, “We’ve been playing at a couple of fests as well as a few times at ‘Garage Jam’. Besides rendering well-known tunes we will also be playing three of our own compositions.” Some of their original compositions include ‘Hellucinate’, ‘The Hell Range’, ‘A Sinful Hero’ and ‘Royal Flush’.

“All of us in the band are fans of death metal. But we do find that this genre is not very popular in Bangalore. We are working on our fourth composition called ‘Anatomy of Violence’,” added Arjun.

Elated with the response they received, Owais Wani, the drummer of ‘Counterplot Theory’, said, “We’ve always received a good response and getting the kind of
response we did on a working day we were happy about it. It was a good chance to meet
people with like-minded music interests.” 

Satish from ‘Satish and Friends’, along with his team, performed for the first time shared a similar opinion.

“Our line-up has recently been completed. Since it was the first time that we were performing, we got a response better than we expected,” said Satish, who was on the guitars.

Explaining the idea behind the show, Arwen Magma, organiser of ‘Garage Jam’, said that they wanted music fans to have a different experience.

“We were keen to do something different for the anniversary celebrations. And we decided that a tribute to ‘Megadeth’ is the best for metal fans. Although we may be limiting the crowd to ‘Megadeth’ fans, we feel that gigs like this one works out once in a while,” explained Arwen.

Metal fans were impressed with the performances. “Being fans of ‘Megadeth’, this was a perfect tribute. It’s good to see and hear so many new bands coming up to be part of such gigs,” said Balamurali, a member of the audience. He added, “I am a huge music fan and I come for most of the performances here whenever possible.”  Arjun S, a professional, who made his way to the show after work, said, “It’s always during the latter part of the evening that the show gains momentum. It was a fun evening with the concept of the show being great.”

(Published 28 October 2013, 13:07 IST)

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