Chicks on a roll

Chicks on a roll

But Neha Sareen and Ira Dubey know their job of ripping apart the latest Hollywood movies on their show, Chicks on Flicks. They dub it as the best job but not the easiest.

 The duo were in the City to interact with the media before the launch of Season Two of Chicks on Flicks. Neha and Ira differ vastly on their take on the flicks but they say that it this difference that stimulates their energy, intellect and imagination. “When we’re going live there’s a certain spontaneity and curiosity between us. We’re eager to know each other’s take on the movie. Ours is an informed opinion and one that is not meant to confuse the viewer,” Neha Sareen tells Metrolife. Ira quickly pitches in saying, “It’s fun because we get paid to watch some of the best movies but we have mastered the art of being concise and we’re not just talking fluff but a learned, well-versed opinion,” she says and adds, “we’ve forgotten the last time we saw a film for pleasure. It’s scrutiny at its best and we’re tuned on to the job even when we’re off the sets.”

Ira and Neha make an attempt to view all genres of films in a new light. Come weekend, the two begin working on the movies. In an effort to make the show more interactive and accessible even to the most ordinary viewer, Neha and Ira have begun writing blogs, reviews and critical analysis.

Ira swears by action flicks, Neha says she was never interested in animation until she began watching them on a regular basis. “I always associated animation films with Cartoon Network but now on a deeper analysis I think there’s a great deal of originality that goes into the making of an animation film,” reasons Neha.
 If the two women are not watching movies then books, music, travel and of course, theatre are a few other things that bind them. What if they get a chance to sit in Hollywood and critic movies of the same order, “Oh, that would be one hell of an achievement and a great honour indeed,” they aver.
    How do they take criticism and brickbats? “If the criticisms are constructive and help us improve and mature, then why not?” they ask.

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