VC stresses on revival of folklore through research

At a time when modernisation and gloablisation are sidelining the existence of indigenous culture and folklore in the country, there is a need to revive and explore folklore through intensive research studies, said Folk University Vice Chancellor Prof Ambalike Hiriyanna.

He emphasised that study of folklore should not be restricted to songs, dance and art forms, but it should be seen as a way of living that has helped the society to retain its indigenity. He was speaking after inaugurating a two-day national seminar on ‘Recent developments in literary, cultural studies,’ organised by SVP Kannada Study Centre of Mangalore University at Old Senate Hall on Wednesday.

Speaking about how there was paradigm shift in perspective towards literature during post colonial era which led to a conflict between the modern Kannada literature and old Kannada literature in ‘Halegannada’ format, he said now similar conflict has been created between regional languages and the English. There is a challenge before the regional languages to maintain their existence against the wave of English literature, he noted.

“At this juncture, there is a strong need to revive the researches on indigenous lifestyle from a scientific perspective. Leftist ideology, studies on Dalits and marginalised section of society has helped to understand and revive the local identity.

When the dominant culture tries to suppress the subordinate culture, the subordinate culture tries to push itself upwards. This could be possible when subordinate culture is glorified. Issues like enmity in politics, gender and religious conflicts should gain prominence in literature too,” the Vice Chancellor said.

On the study of indigenous culture, he said it should be studied extensively from the perspective of its strength and continuity. Science and rich knowledge which are a part of our indigenous lifestyle should be revived for the good of the society. They should be seen not from an individual’s point of view, but from the overall welfare of the society, he said.

Mangalore University Vice Chancellor Prof T C Shivashankara Murthy presided over.

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