Let there be light...

Let there be light...


Let there be light...

Diwali is round the corner. Time to spread cheer not just among family and friends, but throughout the home as well— with some changes, says Bindu Gopal Rao

It is that time of the year when festivities take centre stage. It is also that time when you add sparkle to your homes. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to give your home a Diwali makeover.

With eco-friendly wall paints flooding the market, designer wall finishes that can help transform your one dimensional flat walls into inspiring and breath-taking decorative effects are not far behind.

“The transformation could be something as simple as a sponge finish to warm a room or as unique as brocade work that wraps your wall in tapestry. Paint effects like geometric, artistic and trendy designs are in this season,” says paint expert Sukhpreet Singh.

Adds Kritika Mahindra, wall decorator: “Let the traditional method of wall décor earn its lost glory back by creating something of your own and decorate every wall of the house with choice of your design.” Being the festival of lights, you can get innovative with decorative lighting. “River lights are a new trend this Diwali. They are standing lanterns made from coloured glass and brass that can be used to decorate any surface, be it interiors or open spaces like veranda. A row of river lights can be a quite charming focus point,” says Rajiv Mehra, another expert.

Shimmer and Shine

Your home reflects a celebratory sentiment and tea lights, votives and candle holders make for excellent home decoration ideas. “Usually traditional rangoli is made at the entrance or at the backyard of one’s home which gives an elegant look. Candleholders will make your mantelpiece look good and the stylish lamps will brighten up your house,” says Vandana Khosla, an interiors expert. Artist Anju Kumar says, “add tall floor vases with intricate hand crafted jali work with light that add spark to your home and change the living layout of the home.”

The season calls for celebratory and warm scintillating colours and textures such as red, yellow, green and orange which brighten up your room. “This can be achieved by using tiles that add an attractive yet elegant effect to your room. Another option is to use tiles that are matt in nature and yet have a shiny finish.

This combination of matt and gloss gives a natural yet sophisticated look,” says flooring expert Ashok Goyal. Isabelle Vernhes, another expert adds: “For the festive season, we notice that customers want to give their home a quick makeover, in terms of unique home accessories or interior décor items, precious fabrics and upholstery, exceptional wallpapers and wall coverings and most importantly, a range of luxurious and colourful lights and chandeliers.”

Ideas galore

Diwali is the time to de-clutter your home while adding décor elements that elevate the home’s look to another level. Changing the furniture setting of your house and adding colourful upholstery can in itself make a big impact. It is a good idea to use décor pieces that make a style statement. “Our unique culture collection is a beautiful blend of traditional elements with modern design.

These pieces are great for the festive season as well as make beautiful wall art throughout the year,” says Madhav, product expert. Make sure everything is very bright and colourful around to reflect a new look altogether. Go for wallpapers, colorful lamps and cushions to enhance the character of your homes.

“You may get one of the walls of your living room or bedroom painted in a bright rejuvenating color defining the festive mood. Use lots of lights, lamps and chandeliers to bring that brightness of the festival into your homes,” says Honey Jolly, a designer.
This Diwali do not do the usual.

Try and use things around you innovatively. “Look for those old wooden platters and spoons from your attic, serve your savouries in them or place candles in them. Colour small brown bags and decorate them with mirror—make some interesting cut-out patterns in them, put some sand to weigh it down and put a tea light inside it to make for a perfect pathway light. This also ensures your tea lights don’t go off. Use your shot glass or water glass to place tea lights in them, if they are colourful, even better,” says Raadesh R Shetty, a lighting designer. 

Manish Jain, a product solution expert adds, “use colourful lights, colourful wall hangings and stress on candles to make your home glow. Confetti, lamp shades, wall hangings, candles and rangolis make for great additions to the décor.” Imran A Khan, a realty expert says, “decorating house with new carpets, charming essence of various flavours and scented candle is also trending these days. Fancy lamps and other lighting should be very unique as nowadays a lot of options are present in the market, or you can hire us to exceed your expectations.”

Another innovative way by which you could decorate your home could be by using glassware. “Inverting wine glasses and placing candles on the base of the wine glass. It makes a very innovative candle stand. A mix of candle and diya lightings with artifical and colourful lighting can surely make a big difference,” says Meet Sawhney, a construction expert.

Do it yourself

Again it is possible to add Diwali décor elements without burning a hole in your pocket. “To create an interesting pattern you can go for the candles in different sizes and shapes but it should be in a single colour,” explains Khosla. Floating flowers and candles in an urli is a sure shot winner this festive season. Homemaker Abha Walia says, “homemade kandeels are really in wherein by using colourful glace paper one can create beautiful kandeels and decorate the outer balconies.”

Adds Torsha Banerjee Thakur, a design enthusiast: “Use your bright coloured dupattas and sarees in your home decor - on beds, on tables as runners or table cloth and to add a touch a glam to your home. Add magic twinkling lights to every corner of your home, put them inside empty glass bottles, in cute coloured or gold birdcages.

Make tissue paper flowers in gold, yellow and red and string along your house for a colourful festive look.” Mukul Goyal, a product designer advises, “use lots of diyas to light up the house. Clean up, identify things that you have not used in a while and donate to the lesser privileged.”

Tradition holds the key as far as décor is concerned. Parushni Aggarwal, an interior expert says, “Lakshmi, Ganesh and Buddha statues, diyaas and decorative pieces of tulsi chaura are always popular and add beautiful ambience to the house.” Wall hangings and torans add grace and beauty to the walls of your home. “You may also use your pearl garlands and bangles to make beautiful wall hangings. You can also use candle holders and kandeels apart from diyas to give your house that special look.”

In fact the idea is to let your creative juices flow. “Get paper cupcake cups or paper tea cups, ask your kids to paint them or paint yourself and insert in a simple light string to give that personal touch of homemade,” says Monita Kumari, a designer. After all, Diwali is arguably the biggest of all festivals and your home is a great place to start the celebrations!

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