Today's Letters.

Today's Letters.


Contradictory statements
I was reading your article on "82 pc of lakes in bad shape" under City category.Found that the statements inside the article were contradictory…..I have included below copy of those statements which are contradicting each other.

The chief requirement for a lake to be considered in satisfactory condition was that the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) level must be more than 4 milligrams/litre while its Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) less than 3 mg/litre.

"If the DO is found more than this limit or if the BOD is lesser than the permissible limit, it causes mass death of fish and promotes algal growth contaminating the water."
Attur Srinidhi

Noise pollution
I am living at Adarsh Rhytham apartment at Panduranga Nagar which is right behind Wockhardt Hospital on Bannerugatta road. Hospital has a big cooling tower behind their facility. The cooling tower produces a hissing noise. It is very difficult to live in this area because of the sound pollution and especially during night. I request the officials concerned to look into the matter and take appropriate action.


Growth of USA is important
Growth of USA is very important for the whole world. USA's growth is the starting point and barometer for other countries to follow suit. If America grows and comes out of recession, the situation will be gradually felt in other countries of the world.  The new President of USA needs to be congratulated for initiating a series of reforms and measures which have put back USA on the path to growth and recovery. India should lose no opportunity and quickly initiate such measures as needed, so that the people of India too would benefit from the worst effect of recession and slow down that plagued our country.
K.V. Suryanarayanan

No solution for Thackeray's comments
Bal Thackery's comments are in bad taste, at the outset what sachin has said is in broader prospective as he is an Indian first and then a Mumbikar, aging lion has totally misunderstood as it normally happens to the divided family. This clearly shows he do not want to come out of the well, nor wants to change his narrow attitude, when it comes to Marathi. In a way it is very unfortunate that people have failed to understand that ours is a diverse culture, and one cannot impose nor restrict some body to express their own views. There is no solution for Thackeray's comments, it is better to ignore and neglect him.
Inamdar Ramachandra



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