BBMP deploys IT for solid waste management

BBMP deploys IT for solid waste management

Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), faced a major challenge in terms of monitoring the movement of vehicles disposing solid waste, Commissioner Bharat Lal Meena said.

With the task of collecting and disposing waste being performed by both the BBMP and contractors, it was difficult to track the vehicles used in the process.

"The BBMP decided to fit GPS system to have an accountablity of vehicles disposing solid waste", he said.

With the help of the state-owned KEONICS, BBMP has set up a comprehensive fleet management and GPS based and web based monitoring system.

Nearly 300 solid waste management contractor disposal vehicles have been fitted with the GPS. These units can be tracked by satellites and the path traced by each vehicle can be traced, along with the time and distance travelled.

"The system enables trackin of the distance travelled by each vehicle", he said. A monitoring cell could check whether a particular vehicle entered the notified dumping processing unit or not.

"When the vehicle enters the weighbridge, the system can calculate the weight of the garbage brought in and thereby the total quanty of waste generated can be worked out, Meena said.

"Dumping garbage elsewhere can be detected, so can non-picking of garbage," he said, adding the exact number of vehicles on the field can also be detected through the system.

"This system will eliminate vehicles from dumping garbage at places other than the predetermined site. It will also help in reducing cases of uncleared garbage", he said.

CCTV system has been installed in five disposal sites of the BBMP and are available for central monitoring. Each gate of the site has a digital video recorder and two weatherproof IR cameras.

Through this system, the BBMP is looking at reducing its lead bills considerably, apart from infusing accountability and streamlining solid waste disposal.