English training for govt high school teachers on the cards

English training for govt high school teachers on the cards

Efforts at bettering teaching methodologies and teaching competency of English teachers in government high school across the State may get a boost if a joint initiative of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and the British Council (BC) in this regard is approved.

While the BC is already part of a joint initiative with the SSA since 2010, the effort is mainly aimed at improving English teaching skills of primary school teachers. The new plan, if approved, will therefore mark a new direction in the collaboration between the SSA and BC.

Speaking to the Deccan Herald, Anu Thampi, senior project manager, English Partnership, BC, said that the initiative was still being negotiated with the SSA.

“We understand the needs of high school students are different from those of primary schoolgoers. Once the plan comes through, a need analysis will be performed after which a committee will decide on the kind of modifications to be made,” Thampi said.


The learning process in high schools is academic oriented; while a student may be performing well at the academic level, the communication skills may take a backseat due to lack of knowledge about the language. This may in the long run affect their careers, added Thampi.

While efforts at the elementary level focused mainly on improving four skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening among primary school teachers, the new initiative looks at imparting advanced skills in communicative English, improving confidence and facilitating access to resources.

Subodh Yadav, State project director, SSA, said: “They (BC) have made the proposal, however nothing has been finalised as yet. It will require more time and changes on their part.”

In 2010, when the association between SSA and BC began, as many as 700 master trainers (MT) were trained by the latter. They in turn provided training to 45,000 teachers according to figures furnished by BC officials. In 2011-12, another 240 MTs were trained and they provided training to 1.17 lakh teachers. In 2012-13, 740 MTs were trained to provide training to 2.07 lakh teachers. In July this year, the SSA and BC extended their contract for two years. Under this agreement, as many as 1,250 MTs will be trained, who will then provide guidance to 2.17 lakh teachers.

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