Hot chocolate to keep winter warm!

Hot chocolate to keep winter warm!

Winter is here and it’s only understandable if your soul craves for a hot chocolate drink now. That warm, fragrant and thick cocktail of cream, chocolate and cocoa powder can make anyone die for it.

Not to mention hot chocolate poured over ice creams, fudge, cakes, pastries, soufflés and anything else you desire to top it with. Ever wondered, ‘What else can I do with my hot chocolate? What else can I top it with? How else do I have it?’ Let Metrolife answer those ‘soul-stirring’ questions for you!

First, a bit of history on hot choc. Hot chocolate, also known as hot cocoa, was apparently created by the Mayans around 2000 years ago. A cocoa beverage was an essential part of Aztec culture by 1400 AD. The beverage became popular in Europe after being introduced from Mexico in the New World, and has undergone multiple changes since then.

Until the 19th century, hot chocolate was even used medicinally to treat ailments such as stomach diseases. Today, hot chocolate is consumed throughout the world and comes in multiple variations including the very thick Cioccolata Densa served in Italy, and the thinner hot cocoa that is typically consumed in the United States. 

World over, hot chocolate is typically made of cooking cream, chocolate slabs, liquid glucose (that adds consistency), butter and cocoa powder. Chef Patisserie, Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort, Greater Noida, Kewal Kumar Nailwal, says, “There are a million ways to innovate with your mugfull of hot choc.

It all depends on your taste and creativity. For example, you can add honey to it. Then, there is icing sugar, red chilli flakes, fruits like apple, strawberry, grapes, fruit cakes, brownies, marshmallows, bits of biscuits, nuts, colourful candy sprinkles and a million other alternatives.”

Chef Kewal also has some useful tips on making hot chocolate. “First, don’t go for the easily available compound chocolate slabs we get in the market. Hot chocolate is best made with Belgian chocolate. So see if you can lay your hands on that.

Then, take the cooking cream and chocolate in equal ratio and add liquid glucose and butter, only 15 per cent quantity of that. Top it with cocoa powder which will add richness to your drink and reduce the need for artificial sweetners like sugar.”

Also, you need not always have hot chocolate in beverage form. Set it in a mould and put it in the freezer! Howzzat?    

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