A memorable journey

Glorious years

The ‘Glorious’ choir is turning 25 this year and their Christmas concert, scheduled to be held on December 21 and 22, 6.30 pm at Baldwin Girls’ High School Ground, will indeed be a special one as it will feature all the singers, who have sung with the
‘Glorious’ choir the last 25 years. It will be a mix of old and new faces.

The concert is titled after the choir’s name ‘Make His Praise Glorious’ and will
feature the best of 25 years of making music together, effortlessly fusing traditional carols and contemporary arrangements with vocalists from various generations.

A special feature at this concert will be the 15-piece String Ensemble led by Augustine Shandy. The two-hour concert includes popular Christmas melodies such as ‘Wonderful News’, ‘Light of a Million Mornings’, ‘Little Yeshua’, ‘Virtuoso’, ‘O happy Day’, ‘Christmas Makes me Cry’ and the theme anthem ‘Make His Praise Glorious’.

Says Reji Chandy, founder-director of Glorious, “Christmas is a time of second chances and new beginnings. It’s a time when we reaffirm our belief that God is in
control of our world and that nothing happens to us without his knowledge or permission. We simply translate this concept into song.”

Some of those who have been with ‘Glorious’ for the last 25 years recall that it’s been a wonderful journey. Annett Janet Furtado joined Glorious in 1993.    She says, “Singing with ‘Glorious’, learning the songs, the discipline and the culture will stay with me till the end.”

Sabitha Johnas, who also joined the choir in the early 1990s, says that she joined with the intention of singing some carols for Christmas. “But little did I know, that I would sing solos and duets in the choir. This is the confidence the choir has given me to grow. It’s a pleasure to return to celebrate 25 years of this glorious establishment.”

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