Italian dad turns son's remains into diamond

Italian dad turns son's remains into diamond

In a first-of-its-kind case in Italy, a grieving father had his dead son eternally preserved by getting the 20-year-old's ashes transformed into a diamond.

The father had his son's body exhumed and cremated before sending the ashes off to Switzerland so they could be compressed into the gemstone.

The young son, killed in a car crash earlier this year, had already been buried in his hometown of Treviso, in northern Italy, when his 55-year-old dad came up with the idea.

Remembrance diamonds' are created by filtering and refining the carbon found in cremated ashes, then secured in a chamber, where intense pressure and a temperature similar to that of a volcano are applied, creating a synthetic diamond, 'The Local' reported.

The process can cost as much as USD 18,000, according to 'New York Daily News'.

The father recently received the synthetic 'Remembrance Diamond' after an eight-month weight.

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