Know your limits

Drink wisely

Despite the deadlines on nightlife in the City, there is no doubt that Bangaloreans love to party. And this time of the year gives them all the more reason to do so.

However, it’s extremely essential that one follows caution and drinks responsibly. After all, who wants to wake up with a heavy head? 

Akhilesh Kumar, a singer-songwriter and martial arts expert, throws many parties and follows a number of tips. “The first thing is to make sure you know your limits. Have at least one person in the group who is in control or sober. If you are going out on the New Year’s night, make sure you hire a cab or have a sober driver with you,” he advises.

“Drink a glass of water between every drink. Also, before you start drinking, make sure you eat a little as food helps break down the alcohol. But don’t eat too much as well. Everything should be in moderation,” he adds.

According to Mukunda Shankar, a mechanical engineer with GE, the best way is to follow the basics. “The main tip is to know your limits and not drink beyond that. Personally for me, eating pizza between drinks helps. Also, do not mix alcohol with anything sweet as it will make you extremely high.”

Each person’s body reacts differently to alcohol depending on his/her capacity and enzymes, says Dr Shantakumar Muruda, a consultant biochemist and a family practitioner. “The metabolism of alcohol takes place in the liver. If you drink slowly, your liver gets some respite,” he reveals.

   A number of people go to him due to the problems caused by over drinking and he says, “If you drink responsibly and in moderation, you will not have a hangover. The most important thing is to drink over a period of time to avoid vomiting and gastritis.

Also, do not consume deep-fried or spicy food along with alcohol. Instead, opt for salads and water-rich foods like cucumber. These are light and healthy,” he notes.

“If you are suffering from a hangover the next morning, have buttermilk, tender coconut water or any other liquid food like soup or juice,” he adds. 

Agrees Ashish Kothare, the president of the Association of Bar, Restaurant Pub and Hotels Bangalore and the owner of the pub ‘Roadhouse’. He has seen a number of people being careless while drinking, especially single men.

 “Only hydration helps. If you drink water in between every glass or peg of alcohol, it’s a guarantee that you will not fall sick the next day. Otherwise make sure you drink one full bottle of water before going to bed. Good sleep is a must too,” he advises. He calls this time of the year “a celebration period”.

“So people should take care by having an early start. Avoid going late to parties and drinking fast. Also, line your stomach up first with a snack,” he points out.

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