Dancing their way to top

Dancing their way to top

Right moves

Dancing their way to top

Members of the club.

The BMS College of Engineering is one of the premiere institutions in the City, which pulls numerous students every year for various reasons. Along with the usual academic courses, the college also encourages the artistic talents and skills of the students. This has led to the emergence of various clubs on the campus, which have become a part and parcel of the college activities.

The dance club in the college is very active and the various certificates, awards and prizes won by it prove the same. The club comprises of more than 25 active members, most of whom are even a part of professional troupes.

Namita, a third-year student in electricals and Namrata, a third-year student in computer science are the student co-ordinators of the dance club. Along with the faculty co-ordinator K Guru Prasad, a professor in the mechanical department, they have been successfully carrying out the dance activities. 

“Auditions for the selection of the college team are held during the odd semesters, particularly when the classes begin for newcomers. The audition process comprises three to four rounds,” says Namita.

 The rocking dance club is divided into two sections — Western dance and Indian contemporary dance. Western category comprises of 14 members who practice salsa, jazz, hip hop and other dance forms. There are 11 members in the Indian contemporary dance team.

“We practice everyday for more than half an hour on the campus. We choreograph ourselves and keep on experimenting with steps. If needed, we also seek assistance from experts in the field. We have no special budgetary provision from the college authority and hence, we have to make our own arrangements,” says Namita.

She adds, “We participate in all the competitions held in various colleges every year and the VTU Fest is a favourite amongst us, as we grab the highest number of prizes there.  Our dance team recently won the first prize in a dance competition conducted at the BMCRI (Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute) in October.”