Bangalore University develops new system to evaluate affiliations

Bangalore University develops new system  to evaluate affiliations

Bangalore University has finally developed a revised system to evaluate colleges during the visits of the Local Inquiry Committee. The new evaluation tool was passed in the university Academic Council meeting held here on Monday.

The new method has been drafted by a committee chaired by the Bangalore University vice chancellor himself. The matter was earlier discussed in the Academic Council meeting held on May 3, 2011 and February 14, 2013 and also at the syndicate meeting on May 17. Until now, the university Academic Council found it difficult to accept certain reports by the Committee whereby all observations were negative but recommendations, in the end, rendered positive. The vice chancellor expressed hope that the new system would avoid that confusion and would objectively decide the status of affiliations.

As per the new tool, a college has to get at least 40 marks to be eligible for fresh affiliation and 50 marks for a renewal. To get permanent affiliation, a college has to score a minimum of 60 points. To renew a permanent affiliation, they have to get at least 65. “This will ensure that colleges are improving with every successive affiliation,” said Bangalore University Vice-Chancellor Prof B Thimme Gowda.

Points will be awarded for students attendance, the admission register, the salary register, the number of learning activities outside the classroom,  research labs, the number of experts at the college, sports and cultural events, campus placements and NCC units, to name a few of the criteria. Colleges will be assessed for their management index (for 52 points), faculty index (26 points), infrastructure index (26) and student performance index (23).

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