Sartorial splendour

Let the wardrobe of Indian ladies be again filled with saree and half saree.

It has been long since I stopped going for movies be it English, Hindi or Kannada. The other day, the movie - Chennai Express, was being screened on a TV channel which my little daughter insisted that I watch it with her as it would be till late in the night and she was scared of sitting alone in the living room till the movie finished. Willy nilly I agreed to do so. I found the movie interesting as the attire of the leading lady was exactly what I have been crusading for years i.e. the return of saree and half saree. Kudos to the producer and the costumes’ department of Chennai Express, for joining me in my crusade.

Deepika Padukone an elegant actor looks ravishing sporting saree or half saree on different occasions. All other female junior artistes were also in the same attire much to my satisfaction. The movie had a glut of scenes with ladies in that attire. I am certain many Indian soap operas on TV channels and others in the Bollywood industry will follow suit. 

I am pained to see many ladies, young and old, in salwar kameez even when that attire does not suit them. May be salwar kamez and leg-ins are comfortable for tree movement of limbs. But, most ladies, I believe, are more concerned about their looks than movement of limbs. Women not having good figure and shapely legs look ugly in salwar kameez because their structure gets pronounced in that attire or leg-ins and tops. On the other hand a saree will neatly hide and give a good shape and appearance to a lady even if she has extra pounds on the hips and rotund and undersized or oversized bust.

Fashion repeats itself and it is the youth who keep changing fashion. I would say that there are two aspects to elimination of saree by the salwar kameez and other attires. One - it is not that salwar kameez has appeared in the cycle of fashions. Two - it has changed the psyche of entire population of the country. 

Because, it is not only the young craving for the attire but also the older ladies. It has replaced the four millennia old saree. Erstwhile Hindi movies had a theme of dressing up; which was with well anticipated and thought of extra weight here and there. That is why in those movies the girls immediately after marriage changed over to saree from salwar kameez.

Long live Deepika Padukone and the costumes’ department of Chennai Express, for promoting saree and half saree. Let the trend be on to fill up sartorial wardrobe of ladies of India again with saree and half saree.

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