Behaviour versus Nature

It seems, during earlier days, women folk, hailing from aristocratic families, were imperatively made to train in finishing schools, to learn the nuances of social etiquettes and refined behaviour.

Even to this day, there are such schools for grooming one’s over-all outer personality. Which means to say one’s exterior behaviour can be sculpted, which eventually would help in creating good impressions around in one’s social circuits.

No wonder then when we see a person with pleasant demeanour and behaviour, instantly we brand him as a ‘good’ human being. But interestingly, a person’s looks could be quite deceptive or deluding. Since a person, who looks all refined outwardly; may not necessarily be endowed with that inner good heart/mind. The classic instance is of those seasoned scamsters, conmen, swindlers, etc, who are slick in their manners with supposedly good behaviours.     

Even the people with a vicious/malicious mind, could also put on the façade of an excellent behaviour. In fact, in today’s many of the highly competitive working arenas, it’s a common sight to find hordes of people having a superficial genteel behaviour. But, more often than not, under the cloak of such cultured behaviour, would be a conniving and machinating mind!

On the contrary, a person with the rustic outer behaviour could be a good human at heart. This inner quality is what is termed as our ‘nature’, which is often confused with our external behaviour. It’s believed, the human nature is something that is intrinsic, with which one is born with. Being kind-hearted, empathic, generous, helping - all these which are bracketed in the category of good human nature, can also exist in those folks, who mayn’t necessarily exhibit that outer sophisticated behaviour.

Another aspect of human nature is that it isn’t as pliable as behaviour, owing to its stark quality to resist change. It’s a common phenomenon to see people, justifying their shortcomings, by taking refuge in this quality of their nature. Like saying, “You know I’m hot-tempered, often in splenetic moods. Don’t expect me to be tolerant”. You know I’m terribly slothful. Don’t expect me to do these works.” “You know I’m a big skin-flint. Don’t expect me to shell money on these charities”.

Interestingly, nature isn’t as ‘inflexible or immutable’ as we think it is. If we have the strong will and alacrity,  with concerted efforts, we can bring in some positive changes . Yes, a good polished behaviour, wherein we comport ourselves well, is essential in sharing great interpersonal equations with others. 

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