Islam is beautiful in my eyes: Ashish Chaudhary

Islam is beautiful in my eyes: Ashish Chaudhary

Islam is beautiful in my eyes: Ashish Chaudhary

"My dearest friends are Muslims and they have a totally different meaning of jihad. I do not think it’s the religion. Islam is beautiful in my eyes. It’s the select few who are in an entirely different zone,” Ashish said in on open letter to the media.

“All of Pakistan is not as it's being perceived. It’s just that the cockroaches in that home have to be removed. All homes have some pests or the other. Crimes are committed in India too, my friends,” he wrote.

Ashish says “internal religious problems in India” too should be resolved soon. “Religion is not the be all and end all. I say all the internal religious problems in our enchanting, multi-faceted India too should be thrown in the back seat. We should unite. It’s the need of the day.”

The actor’s sister Monica Chhabaria and her husband Ajit had gone to the Tiffin restaurant at the Oberoi Trident Hotel, which was among the 10 places the terrorists attacked in Mumbai Nov 26, killing 166 people.

They left behind their two daughters -- Kanishq and Ananaya, aged 13 and eight. The two are now being raised by their paternal grandparents. According to Ashish, the solution to terrorism is curing it from the roots. “Finding the problem and curing it is not the end. We’ve got to cure it from the root. It is not only people like Kasab (only surviving terrorist from 26/11 attacks). He is a victim himself. A victim of wrong preaching, false teaching.
“Little kids are being brainwashed from really young ages, to commit felony in the name of religion. It’s sad. But it’s true,” he said.

The actor, who has featured in comedy films like “Dhamaal”, “Daddy Cool”, “EMI”, “Paying Guests” and others, says all proceeds of events for the anniversary of 26/11 should be given to charity. “There are so many incidents like these with really poor people too. We can start with some charity if nothing else. The revenue of all the events and programmes based on the pretext of the anniversary of 26/11, for example, should be given to charity. Lots more can and should be done,” Ashish said in the open letter.

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