Nanny Sandra wants to move on

Nanny Sandra wants to move on

Moshe Holtzberg has now started going to ‘gan’ preschool in Afula, Israel where he lives with his maternal grandparents, Shimon and Yehudit Rosenberg and nanny Sandra, who has been with him since the barbaric events unfolded on the fateful day.

However, now Sandra feels its time to move on as the baby who responded only to her after the tragedy has learnt to live in new surroundings with his grandparents with whom his bond has grown deeper.

“I felt a kind of responsibility when Moshe lost his parents, knowing that he was so attached to me. Now he has adjusted to the new surroundings and his family members just adore him. My home is India. I belong to India. The kid is quite attached to his grandparents now, and I would like to move on,” Sandra told Israel’s Channel two news. His grandparents also acknowledge Moshe’s attachment to his nanny who is the “only link to his past.”

“Sandra is the only link to his past. He is very strongly connected to her,” Yehudit told ‘Chabad’, an Israeli magazine.

Yehudit Rosenberg recalls an incident when Moshe just weeks after the tragedy woke-up in the night crying for Sandra as he had seen his mother in a dream. The little boy hardly remembers the ghastly incident but still has some flashes of memory of the time he spent in Mumbai.

“And when they appear they come out amazingly fresh. We freeze when these memories come up and we try to go along with him and support him to open up and share. We reply to him that his parents love him and care for him very much,” Yehudit said. Although it is very difficult to fill up the vacuum created in the life of Moshe, his grandparents have created constant presence of his parents Rivka and Gavriel Holtzberg through images and stories.

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